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Discount Window & Payment System Risk Contact Information for Richmond

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8:30 am - 6:30 pm ET (or until the close of FedWire)

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(800) 526-2036

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Resources and Information

Instructions for Completing Agreements - Richmond
Instructions to assist in completing Operating Circular 10 documents. [PDF; 167K]

Official OC-10 Authorization List
The Fifth District's Discount Window Authorization List. [PDF; 22K]

Authorizing Resolutions
The Authorizing Resolutions for Borrowers evidences an institution's authorization to borrow from and pledge assets to a Reserve Bank. [PDF; 23K]

Letter of Agreement
The Letter of Agreement binds an institution to the requirements of OC-10. [PDF; 23K]

The certificate provides the information necessary to make an effective UCC-1 financing statement filing. [PDF; 17K]

Letter of Agreement to Correspondent
If an institution chooses not to have a Federal Reserve account, it must designate a correspondent's account to receive loans and payments on its behalf by executing this agreement. [PDF; 21K]

Agreement for Third-Party Custodian to Hold Collateral
This agreement allows an institution to designate a third party custodian to provide collateral custody services in connection with the Discount Window. [PDF; 21K]

Seasonal Application Form
This application is used to determine your institution's eligibility for the Seasonal Lending Program (SLP). [PDF; 963K]

Seasonal Data Collection Form
The loans and deposit data you submit will be used as the basis for determining your institution's projected seasonal borrowing qualification. [PDF; 969K]

BIC Establishment Guidelines
Reference for institutions setting up a new BIC arrangement with the Fifth District. [PDF; 125K]

BIC Electronic Loan Collateral Guidelines
Guidelines for institutions pledging electronic collateral to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. [PDF; 103K]

BIC Collateral Certification
BIC program participants are required to complete the BIC Audit Certification prior to enrollment in the BIC program, and on an annual basis thereafter. [MS Word; 34K]

Pledge Listing Template
This template should be used as a guide in developing the pledge listing to be submitted to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond on a monthly basis. [MS Excel; 29K]

Mailing Address:
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Credit Risk Management
13th Floor
P.O. Box 27622
Richmond, VA 23261