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Discount Window & Payment System Risk Contact Information for Cleveland

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Mailing Address
Credit Risk Management
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
P.O. Box 6387
Cleveland, OH 44101-1387
Physical Address            
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
1455 E. 6th Street 
Cleveland, OH 44114
Discount Window Office Hours 8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., ET (or close of Fedwire)
Discount Window / Payment System Risk Email
Toll-Free Phone (888) 719-4636
Fax Number (216) 579-2205
Current Discount Rates Discount Rates

Resources and Information
Operating Circular 10 (OC 10) OC 10 contains the terms under which an entity can obtain Advances from, incur Obligations to, or pledge Collateral to a Federal Reserve Bank
Official OC 10 Authorization List (FRB Cleveland) The 4th District's Discount Window list of individuals authorized to borrow and/or pledge collateral
Official OC-10 Authorization List-Instructions The 4th District's instructions for completing their OC 10 Authorization List
OC 10 Required Agreements The 4th District's agreements required to establish a Discount Window relationship
OC-10 Required Agreements-Instructions The 4th District's instructions for completing their OC 10 Required Agreements
Borrower-In-Custody (BIC) Information (Discount Window and Collateral Tab)

Information on the 4th District's Borrower-In-Custody program, including the following:

  • BIC Guidelines
  • BIC Pledge Transmittal / Withdrawal Forms
  • BIC Certifications / Applications
  • Seasonal Credit Application
  • Category Code Alignment Reference Table
  • ALD Loan Template
Collateral Information and Margins Table  Discount Window collateral margins and Guidelines
Federal Reserve Secure Message Center  FRSecure login / registration page