Discount Window & Payment System Risk Contact Information for Boston

FRB Boston BIC Program

Last Updated: 10/23/2020

Please note: This information is only for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's BIC Program.



  • BIC Request Letter Template 
    An institution interested in establishing a BIC arrangement should complete this application and forward it to FRBB.

  • Electronic Pledge Authorization Form
    If your institution would like to email the pledge listing and cover letter to us each month, please complete this agreement.

  • BIC Collateral Cover Letter 
  • This form must be completed, signed by an individual(s) authorized per OC-10 and submitted with monthly loan trials.

  • BIC Trial Template 
    Institutions applying for a BIC arrangement should use this template as a guide in developing the pledged loan trial to be submitted to FRBB on a monthly basis.

  • FHLB Collateral Release Form
    FHLB members should execute this form to allow FRBB to share collateral information with FHLBB.