Other Agreements & Documents


Letter of Agreement to Correspondent Credit and Payment Agreement [MS Word; 38K]
If your institution chooses not to have a Federal Reserve account, you must designate a correspondent's account to receive loans and payments on your behalf by executing this agreement.

Form of Agreement for Third-Party Custodian to Hold Collateral [MS Word; 28K]
This agreement allows an institution to designate a third party custodian to provide collateral custody services in connection with the Discount Window.


FR 2046: Selected Balance Sheet Items for Discount Window Borrowersoffsite link
The Federal Reserve collects balance sheet data from discount window borrowers on the FR 2046 to monitor discount window borrowing. Borrowers report six data items: total securities, federal funds sold and resale agreements, total loans (gross), total assets, total deposits, and federal funds purchased and repurchase agreements.