Discount Window & Payment System Risk Contact Information for Cleveland

 Resources and Information

Mailing Address 
Credit Risk Management
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
1455 E. Sixth Street, 4th floor 
Cleveland, OH 44114
Office Hours Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., ET or until the close of Fedwire
Discount Rates Discount Rates
Toll-Free Phone (888) 719-4636
Fax Number (216) 579-2205
Loan and Collateral Information
Eric Polansky (216) 579-3036
Garry Madis (216) 774-2686
Borrower-In-Custody (BIC) Information
Tony Grant
(216) 579-2425
Eric Polansky
(216) 579-3036
Payment System Risk Information
Sue Prior (216) 579-3017

Tom Fitzpatrick,

Vice President

(216) 579-3087
Amy Koehnen, Manager (216) 579-2996
Andrew Tornow, Manager (216) 774-2574

Resources and Information
Borrower-in-Custody Program Guidelines The 4th District's Borrower-in-Custody Program Guidelines
BIC Pledge Transmittal Form The 4th District's transmittal form for monthly BIC submissions

Official OC-10 Authorization List

The 4th District's Discount Window Authorization List
Official OC-10 Authorization List-Instructions

The 4th District's OC-10 Authorization List-Instructions

OC-10 Required Agreements-Instructions

The 4th District's OC-10 Required Agreements-Instructions