Discount Window & Payment System Risk Contact Information for Chicago


 Resources and Information

Mailing Address
The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Credit Risk Management, 12th Floor
230 S LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60604

Office Hours
Discount Window
8:00 a.m. until FedWire close (Central Time)

Discount Rates

Discount Rates

Collateral Email
Loans Email

Payment System Risk Email
Credit & Risk Management
Phone Number
(800) 380-3762
Option 1: Discount Window/Payment Requests
Option 2: Collateral Arrangements
Option 3: Loan Arrangements
Option 4: Payment System Risk (account balances, daylight and overnight overdrafts)
Fax Number
(866) 933-8614

Resources and Information
Borrower-In-Custody Program Information Information on the 7th District's Borrower-In-Custody of Collateral (BIC) program.

Electronic Pledge Authorization Letter (EPAL) The 7th District's Discount Window Electronic Pledge Authorization Letter. [MS Word; 36K]

Seasonal Credit Program Information on the Seasonal Credit Program at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, including application worksheets.

Official OC-10 Authorization (OAL) The 7th District's Discount Window Authorization List. [MS Word; 38K]

7th District OC-10 Instructions Instructions for completing the 7th District's OC-10 legal agreements [PDF; 125K]

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