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12th District (San Francisco) Seasonal Credit Program

Please note: This information is specifically for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 's Seasonal Credit Program. Information regarding your Federal Reserve Bank's Seasonal Credit program may be available on your district's Contacts & Resources page.

Seasonal Credit Program – General description of the Federal Reserve Bank's seasonal program.

The 12th District's Seasonal Credit Program pamphlet [PDF; 91K] provides information on the program specific to the 12th District in printable format.

To qualify under the program, a depository institution must meet the following conditions:
  • Institution must complete, or have on file with the Reserve Bank, the necessary lending agreements and authorizing resolutions under the terms set forth in our Operating Circular No. 10 [PDF; 249K]offsite link.
  • Institution must have less than $500 Million in total deposits.
  • The Federal Reserve must be satisfied that the need is seasonal.
  • The need must persist for at least four consecutive weeks and not extend beyond nine months during a twelve month cycle.
  • The institution must take care of a portion of its seasonal funding from its own liquidity resources.
Application Process
To apply for seasonal credit, please complete the following worksheet:
Or contact us for additional information.