Discount Window and Payment System Risk Contact Information for San Francisco

12th District (San Francisco) Forms

Please note: These forms are specifically for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Information and forms for your Federal Reserve Bank may be available on your district's Contacts & Resources page.

  • Audit Certification - An Audit Certification must be completed annually to confirm that the institution has reviewed the BIC guidelines for compliance.
  • Collateral Schedule Confirmation - In the Collateral Schedule Confirmation, the FI’s executive management attests that controls are in place to give reasonable assurances about the accuracy of the data submitted. 
  • Electronic Collateral Questionnaire and Attestation - Questionnaire and Attestation for Loans with Payment Documents in electronic format and stored electronically. If applicable, this should be submitted alongside the BIC Application and Audit Certification documents.
  • FR 2046Link Offsite – Form for completion by participants of the Seasonal Credit Program.
  • Pledge Listing Template – Recommended template for listing of loans pledged, to be submitted monthly with the Collateral Transmittal & Custody Receipt (BIC 1) for the 12th District. Use of this template will allow for loan specific valuation of collateral.

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