Discount Window & Payment System Risk Contact Information for Chicago

Updated February 2023

Please note: This information is only for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Borrower-in-Custody (BIC) Program. Information regarding your Federal Reserve Bank's BIC program may be available on your district's Contacts & Resources pageFor your convenience, the documents and agreements referred to below can be downloaded and completed in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.



Borrower-In-Custody of Collateral Certification

BIC program participants are required to complete a BIC Program Application and indicate each pledged loan type in the application prior to enrollment in the BIC program.


BIC Program Application

Once enrolled in the BIC program, participants are required to complete a recertification yearly, unless the FRBC indicates otherwise. Participants will be notified by the BIC Program Coordinator when they need to complete the recertification form.

The Collateral Recertification below is in Microsoft Word format; responses can be entered in the shaded boxes within the document.

Send a collateral listing via secure email

Visit the Federal Reserve Secure Message Center,, and register or login to send us secure email. Once you have logged into the Federal Reserve Secure Message Center, you can send cover letters and collateral listings to

Use of the Federal Reserve Secure Message Center or another secure email method to transmit loan information is a requirement for pledging loan collateral.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.