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FRB Boston BIC Program


Last Updated: 3/14/2022

Please note:

This information is only for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's (FRBB) BIC Program.


New ALD Reporting Requirements

Participants in the BIC program are required to report certain data elements for the loans that are pledged. Starting in March 2022, institutions subject to new ALD reporting requirements report a larger number of data elements in a different format than institutions that are not required to comply. Please refer to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s BIC Program Requirements Handbook as well as the relevant Collateral page for detailed information regarding the new reporting requirements, including the institutions that are required to comply, file format specifications, file submission timelines and collateral valuation, among other aspects of the program.

As shown below, the documentation that institutions subject to the new reporting requirements will submit to onboard and maintain a BIC arrangement will differ slightly from other institutions. Please contact the FRBB Discount Window with any questions.

Forms - Institutions not subject to new ALD reporting requirements

  • BIC Request Letter Template 
    An institution interested in establishing a BIC arrangement should complete this application and forward it to FRBB.

  • Electronic Pledge Authorization Form
    If your institution would like to email the pledge listing and cover letter to us each month, please complete this agreement.

  • BIC Collateral Cover Letter 
  • This form must be completed, signed by an individual(s) authorized per OC-10 and submitted with monthly loan trials.

  • BIC Trial Template 
    Institutions applying for a BIC arrangement should use this template as a guide in developing the pledged loan trial to be submitted to FRBB on a monthly basis.

  • FHLB Collateral Release Form
    FHLB members should execute this form to allow FRBB to share collateral information with FHLBB.

Forms - Institutions subject to new ALD reporting requirements

Documents are the same as above except for the following: