Discount Window Direct (DWD)

Last Updated: 06.07.2024

Discount Window Direct (DWD) is a self-service application accessed through FedLine® that enables users to conduct Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Discount Window activities in a new, modernized and convenient way. This online application allows participating depository institutions to request advances (loans) and make prepayments on loans from their respective Federal Reserve Bank (local Reserve Bank). DWD also allows secure messaging between the local Reserve Bank and participating depository institutions.

DWD Access Setup

There are 4 steps necessary for DWD Application Setup:

  • Step 1: Complete OC 10 Agreements for Lending
  • Step 2: Designate OC 1 Authorized Individuals
  • Step 3: Establish End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs)
  • Step 4: Set up new or make changes to existing FedLine Subscribers

DWD Availability

DWD is generally accessible 24 hours a day (except for occasional maintenance typically performed on weekends). However, Discount Window advance and payment requests must be conducted during the local Reserve Bank’s business hours; the Discount Window lending and payment function of DWD is closed during non-business hours, though other functions remain active and available.

Visit the DWD Feature Guide or the DWD Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the application or contact your local Reserve Bank with any questions.